Review: Inception: The IMAX Experience

Director:Christopher Nolan

Cast:Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard

Running Time:148 Minutes


Christopher Nolan’s Inception uses visual effects in remarkable, breathtaking form that is only enhanced by seeing it on an IMAX screen. Now, I don’t think I could watch it any other way.

Inception toys with your mind as it leads you through such a maze that it was literally made to be viewed on a huge screen. It became difficult to determine whether or not you were actually caught in the dreams, and this feeling of uncertainty is magnified with the high-powered IMAX format. You are immersed in the world that Christopher Nolan has created, and you are beyond grateful that he has allowed you in.

Sometimes, IMAX can overwhelm a film, but in this case I could embrace every effect, and see particular visuals that I may have missed on a smaller screen. It has you question over and over again what is reality, which took the viewing experience of Inception to a whole new level.

The music of Hans Zimmer dominated scene after scene that without the surround sound that an IMAX theatre offers, its presence could have been wasted. Furthermore, I always appreciate IMAX because the elevated sound drowns out any nearby patron who thinks it’s appropriate to talk. With IMAX, it feels like you are the only one watching. In this case that was beyond necessary.

On the gigantic screen, all of the actors looked great, but it was Marion Cotillard who stole the show. Although the script was lacking and I craved a little more explanation during a few scenes, it really wasn’t that kind of a movie. Once I understood that, I buckled my seatbelt and simply enjoyed the sensational ride. And with Inception: IMAX, the ride is like the best roller coaster you’ve ever been on.

Prices for an IMAX showing can be hefty. In this case, it is more than worth the cash to witness Inception as it was meant to be seen. Just make sure you get your tickets early and are prepared to wait in line, these showings are selling out faster than you can get to the theatre.

If you live in Austin, Inception is playing exclusively in IMAX at the Bob Bullock Museum. For tickets and showtimes go to the museum's ticket page.


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