Sundance Review: Google and the World Brain


Director:Ben Lewis


Running Time:88 Minutes


I'll be honest. Google
and the World Brain freaked me out. And the strange part is I am not sure
why. The writer in me understands that the idea of Google scanning every book
imaginable is scary, but the reader in me sort of shrugs it off.

This movie made me contemplate what I contribute and what really
belongs to me.

unfortunate mickey-mousing of the camera slightly took away from what the film
was trying to accomplish, but this documentary proved to be as equally
absorbing as the trailer, keeping you wondering which side you are really on
when it comes to having a flood of information at your fingertips. The side
that wants to protect what is yours and the side that wishes to gain as much
knowledge as possible. Inspired by the works of H.G. Wells, Google and the World Brain offers
thought from analysts and scholars from all over the world to dissect Google's
book-scanning plan, author pined against author, arguing over who owns what
word. In the end, I am just glad Google helped me make sure I spelled the
director's name correctly.


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