Sundance Review: C.O.G.


Director:Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Cast:Jonathan Groff , Denis O'Hare, Corey Stoll

Running Time:92 Minutes


I adored this movie. And not just because I love David Sedaris more than anyone should but because this was an amazing adaptation of a truly amazing story. It reminds the audience that life is a fickle mistress who often kicks you when you're down.

Jonathan Groff soars in this role"”a role slightly different than his usual teenage heartthrob. He plays David, who ventures from his east coast college to an apple orchard in Oregon, hell-bent on living a lifestyle contrary to that of the one he left on the other side of the country. He meets characters that cannot possibly be explained in a single review, finds his very own version of spirituality, and continues down this path called life with an understanding of existence that few will ever achieve. Alvarez absolutely nailed this adaptation"”it is clear he has a healthy respect for Sedaris's work, as the message of this film came through loud and clear to all those watching. Highly recommended for a rainy day at home. With mimosas.


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