“The Forest” Scares Its Way Onto Home Video

There is something happening deep in The Forest. Fortunately for viewers we get to experience everything from the comfort of our coach as the supernatural Japanese folklore starring Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney is slated to hit store shelves on April 212nd.

The Forest delves into the depths of one of the most notorious places on earth, the Aokigahra Forest. The film focuses on the unbreakable bond of family. When Jess disappears without a trace, her twin sister Sara must work to uncover exactly what happened. Enlisting the help of Aiden, a journalist, the duo is not prepared for what they are about to uncover.

The home video release is packed with extras, including a feature that decode the myths of the Aokigahra Forest as well as one that delves into the special effects that helped propel The Forest into a compelling horror film. You also get an in depth look at storyboards and an audio commentary from director Jason Zada.

Can’t wait until its store release, The Forest will hit digital outlets on March 22nd.


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