Netflix Climbs Aboard Sundance Doc “Skywalkers: A Love Story”

Netflix has acquired the Sundance documentary Skywalkers: A Love Story.

Seven years in the making, Skywalkers centers on Angela Nikolau and Ivan Beerkus as they travel across the globe, climbing enormous structures to capture a view of the world from above.

The film, directed by Jeff Zimbalist and Maria Bukhonina, begins with each of our leads operating independently, following them through their courtship up to their historic attempt to climb the world’s last super skyscraper in Malaysia and perform an acrobatic lift on its spire.

Nikolai and Berkus are a real-life couple who have gained international attention for their bold acrobatic stunts and incredible footage captured at the apex of their climbs. To the delight of Park City attendees, they made a surprise appearance after the premiere on Thursday night.

Though no terms of the deal were disclosed, the acquisition comes in the wake of several other Sundance purchases, with the Christopher Reeve documentary Super/Man and Megan Park’s My Old Ass starring Aubrey Plaza and Maisy Stella reportedly in final negotiations with Warner Bros. and Amazon’s MGM Studios respectively.


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