SXSW Red Carpet: Get Low

Robert Duvall. Bill Murray. Sissy Spacek. To a true movie fan, knowing that you were going to get to see one of them light up the screen would be a great treat. Hearing that all three would be acting together in the same film - now that is something worth celebrating.

And celebrate we did - the SXSW way that is. In conjunction with Sony Pictures Classics' upcoming release, Get Low, all three stars were in town to walk the red carpet and celebrate it's Texas premiere. Fortunately, we were given a spot on the highly contested 'press' line along the vibrant red carpet where we got to talk to both the cast and crew about the film, their characters and what it was like to work with each other.

Get Low SXSW Red Carpet/Premiere from CollegeMovieReview on Vimeo.


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