Chat with Snowden after “Snowden”

In what may be the coolest FaceTime session of all time, Edward Snowden is coming to a theater near you. Thanks to Fathom Events and Open Road Entertainment, the whistleblower will be live-streamed from Moscow to your local multiplex for a special, one-night only event on September 14.

The live-stream will follow a screening of the upcoming biopic about his life, and Snowden will chat with Oliver Stone, the film’s director. Snowden, which opens two days after the live-stream event, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt in what appears to be a dead-on portrayal of the titular character.

This being an Oliver Stone film, it’s bound to stir up love, hate and heated conversations. The most intriguing conversation will undoubtedly be the one between Stone and Snowden himself, and this unprecedented event is both a genius marketing move and an incredible opportunity to converse with one of this century’s most controversial figures.

Tickets for the special event go on sale on Friday, August 5th and Snowden opens in theaters on September 16, 2016.


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