Bus Tour Drives Voter Registration for “All In: The Fight for Democracy”

There may be an ongoing pandemic but that doesn’t mean that we should forget there’s an election in November.

That’s the thought behind a new national bus tour from the #AllInForVoting campaign. Done in conjunction with the launch of the documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy, five buses will tour across 10 states identified as having high levels of voter restrictions. At their stops, they will set up temporary voting action stations in over 50 locations and screen the Amazon Studios documentary to limited local audiences at socially distanced outdoor pop-up screenings.

Running from September 9-25, the bus tour will make stops in Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama and Virginia and host voter registration booths as well as the screenings. All In: The Fight for Democracy examines the often overlooked, yet insidious issues of voter suppression in the United States. It will begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video on September 18.

To learn more about the bus tour and see if it stops in your city, click here.


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