Bruce Willis Blows Shit Up in “Precious Cargo” Trailer

Adrenaline junkies unite and behold the return of Bruce Willis and Zach Morris… I mean Mark Paul Gosselaar.

The first trailer for their upcoming heist film Precious Cargo has just been released. On the surface the intro appears to indicate a fairly straightforward action packed adventure as expert bank thief Jack (Gossler) gets in over his head and is pitted against Eddie (Willis), a mysterious old pro.  And you can't forget about Jack's ex Karen (Claire Forlani) hanging in the balance. The question is… who is using who?

The trailer packs a punch with great one-liners, over the top action and non-stop thrills that would make Michael Bay and Liam Neeson jealous. With spring in full swing, it would be nice if this one can deliver the goods. Be on full alert as Lionsgate is set to release its "precious cargo" on April 22nd…and remember, never steal from a thief.



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