Brotherhood is Brutal in the First Trailer for “Goat”

The dark underbelly of Greek Life has surfaced in the news throughout the years, but this unique subculture has largely been played for laughs on the big screen. Animal House and Neighbors deliver the goods by mercilessly satirizing frat boy antics, but their examination of fraternity life never dips below the surface level. Goat, a new film starring Nick Jonas and newcomer Ben Schnetzer, aims to do just that—but from the looks of the trailer, no one will be laughing to this one.

Helmed by celebrated indie director Andrew Neel, Goat is the story of college newbie Brad (Schnetzer) and his unflinching quest to gain acceptance from his older brother Brett (Nick Jonas) and Brett’s fraternity brothers. The just released trailer provides unsettling glimpses into the “hell week” that Brad and his fellow fraternity pledges must endure to be a part of the group, and you start to get the sense that Goat is the sort of ripped-from-the-headlines take on fraternity culture that could ignite some conversations we should have had years ago.

Co-produced and co-starring James Franco, Goat originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past January and can be seen on VOD and in select cities on September 23rd. Watch the trailer below.


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