A New Kind of Predators??

The films Predator and Predators are famously set in a jungle.
But what if they went somewhere else? What if the next Predator film was set
underground? I'm talking about some people fall down a hole only to find that
there is a complete underworld of Predators. Creepy? Or creepy AWESOME?!

I know it may sound like all kinds of other movies, but picture
this, the Predators are constantly watching us. They can see our every move
from underground. If they want to, they can grab us through the earth when no one
else is looking. I mean what's scarier then knowing that there are people above
you who could help, but knowing that they can't because they'll never know
you're there? It's always a greater battle to climb up and out of danger,
rather than run away from something straight across terrain.

Also, because they've always been able to sense heat, where
better to do that than near the Earth's center? It's almost impossible for you
not to be hot. There's not as much mud, more rocks, and you've got very limited
motion. This adds a whole new element of surprise. Of course, it also gives the
good guys less of a chance to survive, but I'm sure they'll figure out a plan.

I've never been close to falling down a hole, I just think it'd
be a warning to those adventurous types who enjoy the occasional spelunking.
You never know, they could end up at the mercy of Predators. Working title: Predators: Six Feet Under.

Either way, be sure to check out Robert Rodriguez's Predators, coming to Blu-Ray and DVD
October 19th from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. 



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