Blumhouse’s “Freaky” Gets Body-Swapping First Trailer

Over the years, Jason Blum has solidified himself as the ultimate master of horror. While not all of his films are critical successes, they have almost all made money, proving that he knows how to make a solid genre film on a budget.

His newest project marks an innovative reworking of the classic Freaky Friday body-swapping concept, complete with an expected horror component.

Freaky follows Millie (Kathryn Newton), a seventeen-year-old who is working to survive the bloodbath that is high school. But when she becomes the new target of The Butcher (Vince Vaughn), the town's infamous serial killer, the popular clique will be the least of her problems.

When The Butcher finds Millie, his ancient dagger casts a spell that causes the two to switch bodies. With only twenty-four hours to get her own body back, Millie must enlist her friends' help or risk being trapped in the form of a middle-aged psychopathic murderer forever. The only problem is that she currently looks like a middle-aged psychopathic murdered, and he looks like her, ready to wreak carnage on her classmates.

Though not mindblowing original, based on the newly released trailer, Freaky looks like fun, emphasizing comedy as much as horror. Vince Vaugh's casting also adds some intrigue to the project, but let's put things bluntly. This is a Blumhouse film, being released on Friday the 13th. We are ready for it.

Directed by Christopher Landon of Paranormal Activity fame, Freaky co-stars Celeste O'Connor, Misha Osherovich, Uriah Shelton, Dana Drori, Katie Finneran, and Alan Ruck. Pandemic be damned, it hits theaters (Friday) November 13.


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