Liv Goes Blue For iZombie Season 3 DVD

Fans of The CW’s iZombie are in for a treat if they missed any brainy adventures from season three of the show. The complete third season will come to DVD on October 3, 2017.

In case you hadn’t heard, iZombie is about Olivia “Liv” Moore (get it?), a medical student who dies in a boating accident and comes back as a zombie. The medical student becomes a mortician and discovers that she emulates and can access the memories of the brains she eats. It’s an easy and fun set up for a procedural where each week we see a different version of Liv trying to crack the case.

In the age of streaming (especially when you consider The CW’s exclusive deal with Netflix), DVDs can sometimes feel unnecessary. Which is how their real selling point is the extras that come on it. The Season 3 DVD, featuring Liv using a straw to suck up some blue brains, also comes with iZombie’s complete 2016 Comic-Con panel as well as deleted scenes.

From die-hard fans to those just looking for new fun shows to watch, iZombie is a great choice. And if you haven’t seen an episode, you can probably catch up on the first two seasons before the DVD is released in October. So what are you waiting for?


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