“The Long Halloween Part 2” Clip Introduces us to Two-Face

Following up on Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1, Warner Bros Animation has released a clip from the newly released Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2.  The clip is of Harvey Dent (Josh Duhamel), slowly turning into the villainous Two-Face, coming face to face with Solomun Grundy (American Dad’s Fred Tatasciore), in the sewers of Gotham City

The clip is a beautiful example of not only the voice work by Duhamel and Tatsciore, but also the stunning animation. Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 is based on the Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale mini-series of the same name and is produced by Warner Bros Animation, DC, and Warner Bros.  It is available now on digital and hits Blu-Ray on August 10.


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