Rihanna’s “Star Trek” Ballad “Sledgehammer” Debuts in IMAX Tomorrow

Earlier this week, the new Star Trek: Beyond trailer arrived with a special treat: “Sledgehammer,” a powerful new Rihanna track written exclusively for the film. For her next act, the pop star will debut the interstellar anthem’s video in IMAX theaters tomorrow morning.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the video was filmed with the new ALEXA IMAX camera—the same camera used to film action sequences for Captain America: Civil War. The pairing of this camera with IMAX’s digital re-mastering process should create the kind of breathtaking visuals we’ve become accustomed to seeing in the new Trek franchise.

Sigismondi, perhaps best known for directing the Kristen Stewart-led The Runaways, forayed into sci-fi themed music videos with Katy Perry’s “E.T.” She has also helmed videos for Justin Timberlake, David Bowie and The White Stripes, and was eager to craft something for both Rihanna and Star Trek.

“I loved the idea that it explored new territory and the unknown,” Sigismondi says. “So being able to be the first director to shoot a music video entirely with IMAX cameras and use this revolutionary technology to explore a different type of new territory was a dream come true.”

The video makes its world premiere at 9:00 a.m., at which point Rihanna will become the first artist to premiere a music video on IMAX screens. In a photo teaser published on her Twitter account, she sports an orange cloak, metallic jewelry and mysterious alien hieroglyphs on her forehead. In other words, it’s the perfect outfit for a longtime Trekkie.

“This is something that’s been a part of me since my childhood,” the singer says in a featurette for the film. “So it wasn’t like just doing a song for any random film. I love Star Trek. It was automatic.”


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