Ode to 1990s Rave Culture, “Beats”, Gets US Premiere

Set in 1994 Scotland, Beats is a film attempting to capture a moment in time and place, filtered through a coming-of-age story. Two teenage friends, Johnno and Spanner, are polar opposites who realize life will soon take them in different directions. Even though the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994 has just banned unlicensed raves across the UK, they decide to have one final, crazy night together and attend an illegal rave.

Directed by Brian Welsh, the black and white film made the rounds on the festival circuit in 2019, receiving multiple accolades at British award ceremonies. The film features a soundtrack full of heavy hitters like The Prodigy, Orbital, Leftfield and FLO, among others.

Beats gets a US premiere with virtual runs in limited markets via virtual engagements in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and more beginning on June 26.


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