Our First Look at the Women of the New “Terminator”

We are getting a new Terminator movie, but unlike the last two (possibly three) films; this is an official sequel to James Cameron’ original set of films.  Though we know hardly anything about this new entry into the ever popular (and recently struggling) franchise, producing studio 20thCentury Fox has confirmed that the film will open November 22, 2019.

Directed by Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron and David Ellison, we have been blessed with our first picture from the film, a badass shot of the women of the film. To say that they look killer would be an unacceptable understatement; especially the mother of the series, Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor.

Not much has been released about Natalia Reyes’ Dani Ramos or Mackenzie Davis’ “Grace,” but they look like they are set to kick some major Terminator ass – and let’s be real…we’re all about that.

We do have confirmation that Arnold Schwarzenegger, as promised, is back, and Gabriel Luna will be the new Terminator.  Other than that, all we have is a straight up guessing game, a rarity in the world of motion picture in the highly “social” 21stcentury.

As more information comes out, we will bring you the latest.  For now, enjoy the picture and imagine the greatness that is to be.

Terminator Woman First Look


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