Catch Up with the Portokolos Family in This Big Fat Recap

You couldn’t be blamed if you don’t remember the finer details of what happened in My Big Fat Greek Wedding since it came out more than 20 years ago! Same goes for its 2016 sequel, less time may have passed but it was inevitable that it wasn’t as quotable as the 2002 original.

So, if you’re excited for the third installment, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, hitting theaters this September, let franchise star Mia Vardalos take you back through the years with a recap of the first two films. In this quick, two and a half minute video, Vardalos walks you through the major characters and plot points of the first two films and sets up the story of the third. It’s a pleasant walk down memory lane paired with a sales pitch for the next installment in less time than it takes to find your bottle of Windex.

Watch the recap below and see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 in theaters on September 8.


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