Ben Whishaw is “Still Himself” in New “Little Joe” Clip

Sci-fi drama Little Joe is going after the “plant babies” trend. Maybe all those houseplants aren’t so great for you after all…

Similar to Little Shop of Horrors but minus the song breaks, the drama follows Alice (Emily Beecham), a single mother and dedicated senior plan breeder who’s engineered a special crimson flower that, if well-tended, makes it’s caretaker happy. Dubbed “Little Joe” after her teenage son, the plant begins to reveal its effects may not be as harmless as its nickname suggests.

In the new clip from the film (below), we can see the plant has had divisive effects on the breeding team, with a cafeteria outburst from an older employee. Convinced the plant is changing people’s personalities, other employees (including Ben Whishaw) try to dismiss her fears. With matching outfits and garish fluorescent lighting, it’s clear there’s much more going on beneath the surface of the place than at first glance.

Directed by Jessica Hauser in her English-language feature debut, Little Joe comes to theaters on December 6.


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