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New Jerusalem

R. Alverson
Will Oldham, Colm O’ Leary, Thomas Bowles, Walter Scott, Roxanne Ferris
Running Time: 

New Jerusalem had a lot of dissatisfying components that ruined the film for me. It was very slow, unconvincing and lacked a clear message.

Two men work together at a tire shop. Their lives connect when Ike realizes that Sean may need some help. Back from the war in Afghanistan, Sean is struggling to assimilate into a normal life.  Ike, a strong willed evangelical, hopes to bond with his coworker and save him from himself.

Really, New Jerusalem was unbearably slow. There is little script and even less action. This does give the actors a chance to act without having to spell things out, but somehow it wasn’t a good choice for this kind of story. I felt my mind begin to wander with very little incentive bringing me back to the film. 

I did like some of the interaction between our two leading men, and do note that they seemed well cast. However I can’t say that much of New Jerusalem was memorable. There were few instances that gave the actors a chance to shine, and while they did to a degree, it wasn’t enough to save the film.

A lot of the film was self-reflection, and while that can work in some circumstances I wasn’t clear on where the film stood. It made me uninterested and unaffected, two terrible adjectives when it comes to a film.