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Kip Mooney - Box Office Analysis, Critic

Kip Mooney knew he'd have a life-long love of cinema when his parents took him to see Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window at the Inwood Theatre at the age of 12. Since then, he's emerged from his adolescent sci-fi/fantasy phase to find the greatness in the biggest blockbuster or the tiniest indie. He'll give any movie a shot if the filmmakers at least make an attempt to avoid clich├ęs. He loves the Coen Brothers as much as he loathes the Kendrick Brothers. He longs for the day when we can have more musicals, westerns and film noir and fewer comic book movies. Sadly, Kip never got to meet his hero Roger Ebert, but the man lives on his heart. He lives in Dallas with his wife, Sheeva.

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